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Check Google Indexing Using site:search
Check Google Indexing Using site:search

How to use a site:search to see if a Google search is displaying your site

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If you're not ranking as high as you'd like to in google search results, you may want to use this tool to check to see if Google can read your site for indexing. You can utilize a site:search in order to see the results Google returns for your specific domain, instead of the entire internet database like a normal Google search would return.

If your search returns results that means Google is indexing your site properly and you just need to continue refining your SEO settings and creating good SEO rich content in your blog to rise in the search results.

Note: If you use the sit:search tool and no search results are returned for your domain, you likely either need to submit a sitemap to Google or you may have accidentally asked Google not to index your site.

Using site:search

Go to Google, and type in: site:[your-domain-goes-here]

Hit search, and you will be returned with all the content that Google sees for your domain and your domain only. This is very helpful if you need to check to see that your SEO just needs to be improved because you can't find your site on the first page of results.

Here's an example:

Narrowing Down Your site:search

Furthermore, you can even search for a specific thing within your domain. This can be helpful if you are needing to see if your site can be read for a certain page, or certain keywords and things like that.

An example of this was searching "about" to see any relevant pages or content:

These different tools are helpful when optimizing your site and can sometimes help alleviate worries that Google may not be seeing your site if you aren't at the top of the list in a Google search yet.

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