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Hide This Canvas on Pagination [Blog Setting]
Hide This Canvas on Pagination [Blog Setting]

What this blog setting does and how to best use it in your Showit blog

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The Hide This Canvas on Pagination blog setting is a checkbox option found under the Canvas tab in the Properties Panel on the right for any canvas within most blog template pages.

Note: This setting works for the following WordPress template types: Post List, Category, Home, Tag, Archive, Search, Taxonomy, and Custom page types.


A common use for this setting would be a "Welcome to the Blog" or "Featured Posts" type of canvas that you don't want repeated on additional blog pages. Something that is introductory in nature for the reader, but you only want it to show on the first page and not each subsequent page of blog posts the reader will browse. This is just one of the many ways this setting can be used, so get creative and have fun designing with this blog setting!

This setting can be utilized for featured content you only wish to show on the first page of your Blog or it can be used on Category or Archive type of pages in your blog.

This setting can be used on any canvas type (Static Content, In Post Loop, Next Post Start, Post View Lookup) in a blog template page.

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