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Start Customizing Your Blog Design
Start Customizing Your Blog Design

Customize your blog design from inside the Showit design app

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Showit's page layout is made up of the normal Site Pages as well as Blog Templates. The Blog Templates, while similar to the Site Pages, are used to create a WordPress theme that can load the blog content that you have created in WordPress.

Blog Templates

The Blog Templates give you the freedom to easily create a unique look and feel for your blog, as well as a design that will be used across all of your blog posts -- without needing to create an entire page for every blog post. Your Blog Templates are listed beneath the pages in the left side Site Panel. The two most common and necessary Blog Template pages are the Blog page and the Single Post page.

Blog & Single Post

The Blog page is a template page that displays a preview of your blog posts. This page uses the Post List (Default) WordPress Template and is required to be live in order for your site to publish without error.

The Single Post page is a template page that is designed to act as a framework or design for a single blog post. All blog posts will be written in WordPress, and will automatically fill into this page's design on the live site. This page uses the Single Post WordPress Template.

Note: You only need one Single Post page. This template page will autofill with blog content for every post you have created within WordPress.

Where to Begin

You can start customizing your blog design by making changes to the font, colors, text placement, etc. You can also adjust the placement of WordPress Text Placeholders. A great tip for starting out is to make changes to the aesthetics but be careful not to delete any placeholder content.

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