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Add a pop-up to your website for EU cookie law and GDPR compliance

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The European Union has a cookie law which requires sites that use and store information (cookies) let those visiting the site know about cookies being used.

Showit doesn't collect any visitor data or cookie information for your website other than content submitted through our Showit contact forms as the data is routed through our system. To read more on data tacking see Showit & GDPR.

If you use a contact form, third-party tracking software such as Google Analytics, or have a WordPress blog you will need to provide this info for users upon them visiting your website. If you have any of these items it's recommended to create a web page on your website that identifies anything that may be tracked and what happens to the data. If you do not use any of those listed items you won't need to include a cookie warning on your site.

How to Add a Pop-Up on Your Site to Inform Visitors of Tracking or Cookie Usage

Cookie Consent by WebsitePolicies created a free open-source code you can add right into your Showit web pages and blog templates.

Note: Please consult your local laws regarding specific Cookie Laws and requirements. If your local law states you must have a Cookie Consent banner with the ability to both accept and reject cookies, please see international coverage.


  1. Customize your code using the Configure options with the live pop-up on the page as reference

  2. Select the "Copy Code” link when finished customizing your pop up for the head tag.

  3. Head to and log into your account

  4. Add the copied code for the head tag into the Custom Head HTML section of the Advanced Settings tab.

You will want to add the code to each page and blog template on your website in order to have the popup available upon first-visit for a user regardless of which page they access first

For more info on the cookie laws see:

For our International Friends Who Need More Coverage:

If the above solution fails to provide everything you need to be compliant in your area here are a few additional options!

Note: these are all third-party platforms and may incur an additional charge from that platform for use with your Showit site

iubenda - This is one provider that a few of our users have used and seems to be working well for them.

7 Best Consent Management Platforms - Here is a roundup of some third-party options to manage your site visitor's consent.

Best Consent Management Platforms - Another roundup type list from a different source for additional options.

Additional Considerations - Please note, if you are in certain parts of the world and using Google Fonts, you do need a notification because Google does utilize third-party tracking. Same with Google Analytics and any ads you might put on your site.

Showit is not doing anything with cookies and user tracking/collecting data (other than information voluntarily inputted by site visitors into a contact form) so you would mainly need to know your local regulations in conjunction with any third-party sources being used on your Showit site.

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