How Do I Change My Domain Name?

How to submit a domain change request for your site

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If you are wanting to change or update the domain connected with your Showit account, you will need to disable any subdomains first.

How to Request a Domain Change

Below you will find a guide to help make sure that your site is ready for a domain change. You will need to check to make sure that you have disabled any and all subdomains for the site design that you would like to change the domain on. If you don't have any subdomains, you are good to go! Just contact Showit Support and request a domain change.

Manage Domains

To check for a subdomain, first go to your Site Settings by clicking on your name in the left corner of the bottom toolbar in the Design App. Then, select the Manage Domain Names option.

Disable Subdomains

You will need to disable your subdomains before you can contact Showit support. Click on your subdomains, then choose to disable them. Make sure you have disabled all subdomains from your site design.

Don't worry about your primary domain, we'll take care of that!

Contact Support

Once you have disabled all of your subdomains, you are ready to Contact Showit Support and request a domain change!

To help speed up the process, make sure that you provide this information to the Support Team upon domain change request:

  • Your current (old) domain

  • The (new) domain that you would like to switch to

  • If you have a blog hosted under your old domain that you would like to transfer to your new domain

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