Switching Site Designs

How to switch between your Showit site designs

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You can easily start working on a new design within the Showit Design App – without losing the design you are currently working on.

Create a New Design

From inside of the Showit Design App, click on your name in the left hand corner of the Bottom Toolbar to access your User Settings.

From the User Settings window, choose to Create a New Design.

Select a site design from the free Showit Designs or Your Designs (where you can pick from any designs you have previously imported or purchased from the Showit Design Market will appear under this tab.)

Once you have selected a design that you like, click on the button in the bottom right corner that says Start With This Design to start customizing your new site design!

Add a New Template to Your Designs

There are a few ways to add new designs to your library. You can either add a new design from the Showit Design Market, or if you have a Share Key, you can add it by clicking on the Add Design To Library option.

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