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How to Connect Your Domain From Google to Showit
How to Connect Your Domain From Google to Showit

Set your dns records to point to your Showit site using Google Domains

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These are the steps on how to manually connect your domain through Google.

⚠️ If you are wanting to migrate a blog you can not switch your DNS records until our Showit blog team has finished migrating your blog. If you do switch your DNS records before your blog is migrated, our blog team will be unable to migrate your blog. Once the migration is complete, our team will message you and give you the necessary DNS records.

If you need to add or migrate a blog you can do so here:

💡 If you've already applied the DNS records and just need to have the SSL (secured url) applied, you can message our support team and ask for that to be setup.

To get started you'll want to login to your google account where you purchased the domain. After signing into your account go here  
You should see your domain listed. Select Manage

Next select "DNS" as shown below.

If you've used this domain before then you'll have DNS records already set and will need to Manage Custom Records.

If the domain is New then you shouldn't have any DNS records applied.

Enter in your unique DNS records found in your account.

To find your specific DNS records follow these steps:
1). Click your name in the lower left corner of Showit
2). Choose Manage Account
3). Click Your DNS Records below your domain

(If you do not see a domain in your account screen, go into the Showit app and ensure you have clicked “connect my domain” in the upper left of Showit to first submit your domain)

4). Apply the DNS records - you can work with your domain host customer support to do so by giving them the records or reference the steps below for instructions on setting up these records

A Record: Name: leave blank (your domain will default) Data: Found in your DNS records

A Record: Name: * (your domain will default) Data: Found in your DNS records

CNAME: Name: www (your domain will default) Data: (your domain name)

You should be left with something like this but the values will be the ones from your specific DNS records:

⚠️message our support team if you are seeing a not secured warning and our team can apply the SSL certificate for you.

Once you have set up these 3 DNS records occasionally, the changes that were made can take time to propagate throughout the internet worldwide.
In rare cases, it can take up to 48 hours for full propagation. If it's not working at that point for you, then message our support team

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