Can't Find Purchased Design

Where to find your premium design that was purchased from our design store or an independent designer

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The information in this article pertains to finding your premium design that you have purchased from the Showit store. If you purchase directly from one of our design partners you should be given a share key to add the design to your account.

When you purchase a premium design from the Showit design store, it will automatically be added to your account. Here is where you can find it. 

Where to Find Your Purchased Designs

First, log into the Showit Design App and click your name in the bottom left of the Bottom Toolbar and choose Create New Design.

After choosing the create new site option you will see all of the free Showit designs you can choose from. Look to the upper right corner of the screen and you will see a tab that reads Your Designs that is where your purchased design is housed.

From there you should be able to choose a design that you have purchased! 

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