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Glossary of Terms

Showit's terminology to help you better understand the platform as you design your site

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This document will teach you Showit specific terminology! This will help you better understand the platform as well as better communicate with your Showit Support Pro when you need a helping hand.

First a brief layout of the Design App. On the left we have the Site Panel, on the right the Properties Panel, and at the bottom is the Bottom Toolbar.

Site Panel

The Site Panel is located in the left side of the Design App. Within the Site Panel there are two main sections, the Page Tab and the Site Tab.

Page Tab

Page Heading

The Page Heading indicates the page you are on (in this case the home page.) All canvases that can be found on that page are listed below the page heading.


Canvases are the building blocks in which you add content to to make up each page in your site. 

Canvas Views

Canvas Views are the folders within canvases. The first canvas view on any canvas is the default view for that canvas. Each canvas view is denoted by the number to the right of the folder (i.e. View 1, View 2, View 3, etc.)

Site Tab

Site Settings

Your Site Settings give you access to your site info, blog domain, Google Analytics, and social links.

Design Settings

Your Design Settings allow you to change your site's unique style and the fonts you use within your design.

Media Library

Your Media Library contains the files that you have uploaded to your Showit design. These can be images, videos, fonts, and icons.


All the pages that comprise your site are listed here.

This + icon next to your Pages will allow you to add a new page from your library or add a blank page.

Blog Templates

This section holds your Blog Templates that allow you to control the layout and design of your blog. Find out more about how Showit + Wordpress work together for a simple yet powerful blogging experience.

This + icon next to your Blog Templates will allow you to add a new Blog Template from your library, or create a new blank Blog Template.

Site Canvases

All of the Site Canvases you have created will be listed here.

This + icon next to your Site Canvases will allow you to add a new Site Canvas from your library, create a new blank Site Canvas, or Create a new Site Canvas Set.

Site Canvas Sets

Below your Site Canvases is a section called Canvas Sets where you will see the groupings of Site Canvases that you have created for your design.

Bottom Toolbar

User Settings

Clicking on your name in the Bottom Toolbar will pull up your User Settings. This includes a window that will allow you to make changes to your Site Designs and your Account Settings.

Mobile & Desktop Design Views

These Mobile and Desktop icons will allow you to toggle between your desktop and mobile design, or to display both at the same time.

Guidelines, Overlays, & Snapping

This widget will give you the ability to add columns, overlays, and element snapping that will assist you in aligning elements of your site as you design.

Zoom Functions

Use these zoom icons to zoom in or out as you design your Showit site.

Text Icon

Click here to add a new text box. This will give you options to choose the type of text you want to add (Title/Heading/Subheading/Paragraph) which you can customize in your design settings.

Element Icon

Click here to add elements to your site such as shapes, lines, icons, embed code, videos, galleries, and a social grid.

Media Library Icon

Click here to open your media library and quickly add a single image to your canvas.


Use these buttons to undo an action, or to redo an action that you have undone in your design.

Help Docs

Clicking this icon will take you to our Help Center where you can find a plethora of articles that will help to build your dream site! If you're reading this, chances are you're already here!

Contact a Support Pro

If you ever find yourself stuck while you're designing your Showit site, we're here to help! Choosing this icon will pull up the chat window. Here you can send messages to the Showit Support Pros, sift through our Help Docs, or see Showit news which often contains the most recent updates that Showit has pushed out! Give it a try!

Properties Panel

The Properties Panel gives you an abundance of options to edit the properties of elements or specific portions of your site. These option in the Properties Panel will change depending on which portion of your site design you have selected.

For example, the Properties Panel will contain options related to the properties of a text box if you have a text box selected.

Or if you have a page selected, the Properties Panel will contain options related to the properties of that page.

We hope this glossary helps you better understand he Showit platform. If you do find yourself needing some help, contact our support team!

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