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Showit Overview for New Users

A quick overview of the Showit interface to help you find your way around

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If you're new to Showit, our training resources are the absolute best place to start for an overview of the platform. They provide a full understanding of the basic tools you need to build and launch the site of your dreams with Showit!

We know people learn differently, so we have two options.

Showit 101

Showit 101 - This is a training course that follows a lesson/quiz format. It will take about 45min to get all the way through, and if you pass you'll receive a fun certificate!

Showit Learning Hub

Showit Learning Hub - This page contains all the same content you'll find in the training course in a video format that you can watch at your own pace. The video on the Showit Learning Hub page is about 25 minutes from start to finish. This page also contains links to our help doc library as well as resources from our community of Showit users.

While we highly suggest starting with the training resources above, there is a super-condensed 5 minute long overview of the platform just below. If you're confident, tech-savvy, and ready to jump straight in, this video is for you.

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