Create a Global Blog Template

Create a unique layout that can be used for posts, pages, custom posts, etc.

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You can use the Global Blog Template in Showit to create an alternate style/layout for your blog posts, pages, and custom pages. If you have a blog post which you would like to use a different template for (instead of your default templates) you can design a Global Blog Template and use it as the layout for that individual post or page.

How to Use the Global Template

A great use case for the Global Blog Template is changing the position of the sidebar or remove it completely for an individual post, while still keeping your default Single Post template in place. You can create unique layouts for your posts like:

  • Full-width layout

  • Layout with Sidebar on the right

  • Layout with Sidebar on the left

Create a Global Template

  1. Build a WordPress template for a Single Post or Page layout using standard WordPress Placeholders.

  2. Select the page name in the left side Site Panel.

3. Go to the Template Info tab on the right side Properties Panel and set the Wordpress Template to Global Template.

4. Publish within the Showit Design App so that this template will be available within WordPress. These templates will not be available for you unless you have published them.

Note: Your template will be named the same in WordPress as you have it named in Showit.

Apply a Global Template in Wordpress on a Post/Page

  1. Choose either a WordPress blog post or a page that you would like to apply this Global Template to and click to edit it.

  2. In the right sidebar settings, look for a Template > Default Template setting and click on it. If you have not set Global Templates in Showit and Published them, this option will not be available.

  3. Select your template from drop down menu.

4. Once you have set the Template, click on the blue Update button in the top right.

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