How to Embed HTML Code

Add body and head HTML to your Showit site

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You can add HTML code directly into your Showit site for advanced customization options. Body HTML will allow you to embed widgets, contact forms and opt-in newsletters, etc., while Head HTML will allow you to connect third party chat systems, Facebook Pixel, some third party tracking systems, and other similar options.


If you receive HTML that belongs in the <body> of your site you can embed it through the use of the Embed Code Widget in the Design App.

This will allow you to add embed code directly into the content of your pages within Showit. This widget might be used for:

Adding Body HTML

To embed code in this way, simply hover over the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar of the Design App and select the Embed Code option.

Once you have done this, a black box will appear on your canvas. Click on this box and select the Embed Info tab in the right side Properties Panel. From there you will see a box labeled Custom Code. Click on this box and a pop up will appear. Paste your code there and hit Save.

Note: Showit renders the code exactly as it is provided, we do not offer controls to customize the embed code. Not all embed code will scale in size.

You can then resize and place the Embed Code box wherever you like within your canvas. For more information on Embedding Widgets, check out this article below.


If you have HTML code that belongs in the <head> of your site, you can paste the code in a Custom Head HTML box within your Advanced Settings tab on your Showit pages.

This will allow you to add HTML code directly into the head of your site's pages. Common use cases for this kind of code are:

Adding Head HTML

To add HTML code to the head of your pages, click on the page name that you would like to add the code to. Then, in the right side Properties Panel, select the Advanced Settings tab.

From there, click on the Custom Head HTML box. This will open up a pop up window where you can paste your HTML code. Once your code is inserted, be sure to Save.

You can find more on using Custom Head HTML here:

Embed a Full Page Via URL

You can embed a full page by pasting the URL into the iFrame URL field under the Embed Info panel.

Note: Not all embed codes will properly display on hidden canvases or canvas views. You may need to place in in a page canvas that is always visible.

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