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Our recommendations for working with a trusted designer to bring your website to life

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Working with a designer is a great option for users who don't want to DIY their site.

While there are a wealth of platforms across the web to find designers, we want to help you have the best possible experience! Here is our advice on where to source designers to work with you to bring your website to life.

Showit Design Partners

Our Design Partners go through extensive vetting by the Showit team to ensure they know our platform forward and backward including best practices for designing sites. The only designers in this category have been approved by our team and are highly recommended.

Showit User Group

The Showit User Group on Facebook is another amazing resource for finding designer help! This is a private group that the Showit staff manually approves membership to. This helps us ensure we have quality service providers as well as kind and helpful members in this group! If someone is providing less than satisfactory services in this group, it is quickly brought to Showit's attention and we investigate those issues and remove members as needed.

In addition to trusted designers who may not be full-blown design partners being in this group, you can also find very experienced Showit users. Many users who have personally used our platform for years begin to offer help and services in the group to those who might need a hand with their site. So even if you're not working with a full-blown design business, you can trust the users in this group to do right by you.

A Word of Caution

As awareness of Showit has grown, many web designers and developers on for hire sites like Fiverr or Upwork are now listing Showit as a platform they do work on. Some may be totally legit and great service providers...however, many hardly know Showit if at all and are just listing all the major platforms in an effort to show up in search results and get your business.

You are more than welcome to take a chance on a service provider on one of these sites if you wish, but we have heard stories from other users of poor experiences with providers on some of these platforms in the past.

The above-listed options for finding an expert Showit designer to help with your site build are the best and most trusted places to find a service provider and we highly suggest you use those routes or understand the risks associated with hiring a random service provider elsewhere.

We hope this helps you find the help you need and have a positive experience with your designer!

New to Showit?

If you're new to Showit and struggling to DIY your site, check out our Showit 101 training course to learn the basics of the platform in just 40 minutes!

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