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Showit's contact form message notification limit: how it works and why it exists

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If using a standard Showit contact form rather than a third-party embedded form, we cap your SMS and Email notifications to 50 per day.

This means that after you've received 50 contact form completion notifications in a single day, we will stop sending you those notifications.

Why is There a Limit?

We do this so that if a bot were to spam your contact form, you don't get 1,000 notifications in a day which would be super annoying!

Do I Lose My Messages?

Absolutely not! All of your messages above the 50 per day we will notify you about will still be submitted to the email associated with your account. You can also find them in your account settings, where we keep a backup copy, via the instructions below.

How Do I Find Copies of My Contact Form Submissions

Note: These backups are only kept for 30 days before they are erased.

1). In the Showit Design App, click your name in the left hand side of the Bottom Toolbar, then choose the Manage Account option.

2). From here, navigate to Contact Form Messages

3). Once in the messages area, you can see copies of all your contact form submissions!

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