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Adding and Formatting Text

Add a text box and adjust formatting

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Adding a Text Box

Adding text to your design is a breeze by choosing a text style from our add Add Text icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can define the formatting for your text styles in the Design Settings

Set Font, Size, Alignment, Link Formatting

For brand consistency, we suggest adjusting your styles in the Design Settings so that they are applied across your entire site.  If you would like to customize a specific text box you can make adjustments under the Text Style settings.  

Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Links Within Text

In addition to the text box formatting, you can also apply some styling within the text box to specific text.  Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Bulleted and Numbered Lists, and Links can be applied to selected text by first double-clicking on the text box to bring up the formatting toolbar.

The links applied within a text box will automatically have Inline Link styling applied to it. You can adjust the Inline Link styling within the Design Settings (for site-wide changes) or under the Text Style settings (for individual text boxes).

Underline Text

Aside from links and hover actions, if you would like to underline text within Showit you can highlight the text and press the keys: Ctrl+U (Command+U for Apple keyboards)

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