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Showit Secure Hosting Environment
Showit Secure Hosting Environment

Details about Showit and WordPress hosting security

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Website security is an important factor with any website. Even if you may not sell products or collect user data with your website (through contact forms), website security is still a vital component of website ownership. It provides you with peace of mind against bad actors and gives your visitors confidence that your website is legit and does not have any malicious intent.

Our hosting environment offers fantastic security features that can keep your site secure, all included with your subscription at no additional cost to you. We've got you covered!

Showit Secure Hosting (no blog)

The first tier Showit subscription plan does not include a WordPress blog. Because of this, website security is much simpler to manage compared to a plan that includes WordPress. Here is an overview of the features offered under the No Blog plan:

  • SSL Encryption

  • Site files are not able to be modified directly (no source code access)

  • We maintain backups of site designs

Showit WordPress Secure Hosting

We are partnered with WP Engine which provides one of the most secure WordPress hosting environments in the world! WordPress hosting can introduce more potential opportunities for bad actors to gain access to or modify website files. With this, there are a number of extra features provided to make sure your site is as secure as possible. However, it's always recommended to follow Best Practices with website security.

Some of the features provided with our Secure WordPress Hosting environment includes:

  • SSL Encryption

  • Disc write protection

  • Firewall protection

  • 30 days of daily backups

  • PHP, MySQL, and WordPress Core are automatically updated following new releases

  • Access logs (Advanced Blog)

  • Plugin/WordPress updates are automatically maintained by Showit (Basic Starter Blog subscription)

  • Hacked site support - In the unlikely event of hackers gaining access to your site, our team will clean and assist with resolving the issue at no charge

Additional information about our WordPress hosting security can be found here.

Best Practices

The following information may not be an exhaustive list of security recommendations and is not exclusive to Showit. These recommendations are good to follow with any website and in general with the internet as a whole.

Security fact: The two biggest routes for how hackers gain access to a WordPress site are through Plugin Vulnerabilities (~55%) aka outdated plugins and Brute Force attacks (~16%) aka password guessing.

  1. Always use strong passwords (10+ characters minimum)

  2. Don't reuse passwords (i.e. same password for email, Facebook, etc.)

  3. Don't share login info

  4. Security experts recommend updating passwords every 30-90 days

  5. Keep website assets updated (i.e. WordPress plugins and themes)

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