How Can I Add Google AdWords Conversion Code?

Using Google Adwords with your Showit website

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To properly track a conversion from AdWords you will first want to determine a conversion page. Many times this will require you creating a "Thank You" page that will load after a contact form is submitted. You may need to create this extra page and change your current contact form setup to submit and change to this page.

Applying the Code to the Conversion Page

1). Select your page that you would like your conversions tracked from.

2). Add the Embed Code widget to the lowest canvas on the page that is not a site canvas.

Note: Do not embed this widget inside of a site canvas, as it will not work properly.

3). Ensure that the widget is not covering up any links or click actions. Even though this widget will be hidden, it can cause linking issues if it overlaps a linked object.

4). Paste your code from AdWords into the Custom Code field of the Embed Code widget.

Submit a Contact Form to Another Page

In order to support AdWords conversion tracking your contact forms will need to link to another page on submission instead of the default switch to a canvas view.  Once you've created a Thank You page you will need to update the submission settings on any contact form on your site.  

  1. Select the Submit text (may be named similar) on you contact form canvas. 

  2. Go to the Click Action settings and change to link to Page: (select your page). Check the settings on any color button behind the text as well.

  3. Be sure the Submit Form option is checked.

  4. Preview the change and test your contact form.

  5. Repeat for additional contact forms.

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