Missing Contact Form Messages

Troubleshoot missing contact form messages

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Note: September 23, 2020 - Showit updated the sending address of contact form messages from noreply@showitfast.com to noreply@showit.co

Your Showit contact form will always send an email to the email address used on your Showit account. You can Change Your Email Address if you wish to use a different email address. Follow our tips below to ensure you never miss an email.

Ensure Delivery of Emails

  • Always test your contact form on your published site after making changes

  • Add noreply@showit.co to your email address book

  • If you use Gmail/Google Workspace/Google Apps for email be sure to check your Updates/Promotions tabs for an email from the Showit Robot. Drag the email to your Primary tab and choose Yes to keep future emails going directly to your inbox.

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