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How to Hide a Page

Hide a page inside of your Showit site design

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This article details how to "hide" an entire live page within Showit. If you're looking to hide canvases or elements in your design check out this doc instead.

Why Hide a Page?

There are two common use cases for hiding a page in Showit:

  1. You want to have a page that is only available to those whom you have sent a link.

  2. You want to launch your site but hide your blog as it's not quite ready.

How to Hide a Live Page

There are a number of ways to hide a page within Showit depending on what you are trying to do. You can hide a live page within your site, or you can completely remove a page from your published site without deleting it.

Video Tutorial

The video below will quickly run you through a few options and best practices for hiding an entire live page in Showit from your visitor's view.

How to Hide a Live Page Within Your Site

You can hide a live published page within your site so that:

  • Only people with a link can access your page

  • You can work on a live page or your blog without visitors to your site finding it

To hide a page within your live site you can either remove all links to this page, or point your links to a coming soon page.

For example, you can hide your live blog while you work on it. To do so, go through your site and make sure that every link to your blog has been temporarily removed. You can use the mobile/desktop toggle switches to make sure that your link is hidden from your site.

Alternatively, you can create a landing page and then make set the all of the links to the page you're trying to hide to instead go to your landing page.

To find out how to create a landing page, follow the instructions in this article here:

How to Hide a Live Page With Redirects

You can also utilize redirects to point traffic away from one page to another.

You can find out how to set up redirects in this article here:

Hide a Live Page from Search Engines

If you are hiding a live page within your site, you may also want to hide it from search engines like Google so that your page won't come up in a search.

To do this, select the page you would like to hide from search engines, then click on the Advanced Settings tab in the right side properties panel and check the box that says Ask Google to ignore this page.

Once you have done this, make sure you publish so that this will affect your live site.

While choosing this Ask Google to ignore this page setting will help the page be "hidden" from search engines, there are some variables to account for. If the page was previously live it likely won't be ignored until Google's next routine scan of your site before it updates its records. You can speed this up by asking Google to re-crawly your website.

Note: While this setting is a request that a search engine ignores the page, this setting is optional for search engines to follow. Following these steps will help but won't guarantee with 100% certainty the page will be completely hidden or immediately hidden from search results.

How to Remove a Page from Your Published Site

The ability to hide a page differs from the ability to remove a page from your published site. To remove a page from your published site, you can use the unpublish feature.

Hiding a page can prevent a user from locating a page while keeping that page live, but the unpublish tool will remove a page from your live site entirely, or prevent it from becoming live once you publish.

You can read more about the removing a page from your published site here:

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