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Link a file or PDF in your Showit site

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If you are looking to add a PDF to your site as a pricing guide or for other reasons, this is a great way to do it!

Upload Your PDF

Upload your PDF into your Showit Media Library. In the media library, hover over the PDF and click the chainlink icon that appears in the top right corner of the PDF file. This will automatically copy the PDF location link to your clipboard.

Link to Your PDF

Once the PDF link is copied, proceed to the canvas you wish to link to the PDF from. Select the text or other element you wish to link to your PDF, and set a click action.

Your click action Type should be set as URL and in the URL box you can paste the link that you copied from your PDF. Lastly, toggle the option that allows your click action to Open in new window.

You are all set, just hit publish and now clients can click that link to be taken to your PDF!

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