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Design Market Standards Course
Design Market Standards Course

Please follow our guidelines for designs submitted to the market.

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All designs submitted to the design market will go through a review process to ensure the designs meet our Showit standards.  This is to ensure that our users will be able to easily make changes to your design without excessive assistance from our support staff.

Updated: 5/9/19

Showit Design Standards Online Course

Some of the topics we cover:

  • Requirements for the Showit Design Market 

  • New design standards to sell in our market

  • Starting a design you plan to sell

  • Site & Design settings

  • Page, Canvas & Site Canvas standards

  • Formatting Contact Forms

  • Using Edge Locking

  • Basic optimization of your designs for SEO

  • Wordpress template design

  • Testing your designs

Taking The Course

A few things to know when taking the course:

  • This is a training course to educate you on the best practices when designing for our Showit Design Market. 

  • We expect all designers completing the course to be aware of these standards so we require a 90% passing rate on section quizzes and 100% on the final quiz.

  • There is no time limit 

  • You can re-take quizzes as many times as you need to pass

  • You'll use your Showit account to login

  • Passing this course does not make you an official Showit Showit Design Partner (that's a separate application process).


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