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Duplicate a design to use as a template for a plus site, a multilingual site, and more

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There are many cases in which you may wish to duplicate a design in your account. Some of the most common are:

  • To use your design as a template for a +site

  • When redesigning a site currently live at your domain

  • To create a multilingual site option if needed

Duplicate Your Design

First, click your name in the left corner of the bottom toolbar in the Showit Design App.

Then choose View My Site Designs from the Account Menu.

Here you'll see all the designs inside of your account. Click to select the design you wish to duplicate and then click the duplicate button.

See the examples below.

A). If duplicating the design you are currently in. The only option will be duplicate when clicked.

B). If duplicating any design other than the one you are currently in three options appear when clicked, choose duplicate.

After clicking duplicate, Showit will process the request and then open to the newly duplicated design. Rename the design for clarity in your account and you're all set.

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