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Add a custom font to your Showit site

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In addition to the 1,500+ Google Fonts available directly in Showit, you can upload WOFF format font files that you have licensing to use.

Note: Showit supports WOFF font standards, but that does not guarantee that each font file in that format was designed correctly for web use. Not all WOFF fonts are guaranteed to render in Showit.

Currently, Adobe fonts are not supported in Showit.

Getting WOFF Format Font Files

If you don't have a WOFF format file available, we suggest you first check with the font owner for licensing details and inquire about WOFF format.

There are also third-party font file converters that will convert from TTF/OTF to WOFF formats.

⚠️ WOFF2 files are not supported in Showit.

Some converted fonts may not work well for web use.

Adding Your Custom Font

Once you have your custom font downloaded in WOFF format, you can upload this file to your media library. You can do this by clicking on your Design Settings and then selecting the Fonts tab. There you will find a section for Custom Fonts. You can upload a WOFF file to your Showit Media Library by clicking the UPLOAD CUSTOM FONT button.

Once you have click this button it will take you to a screen where you can upload your custom font. Make sure that this font is using the WOFF format.

Once your custom font has been uploaded in this fashion, it will be available to select under Custom Fonts in the drop down menu next to Library WOFF.

1) Select your newly added custom font from the drop down list and name it.

2) If you own a license to use this custom font or if it is free to use, choose the option that states that you own the license to use this font on your website.

⚠️ If you don't know whether or not you are required to have a license to use a specific font, ask the font developer. They will tell you whether the font requires a license or if it is free to use.

3) Click the blue button to ADD CUSTOM FONT and then hit the SAVE button in the bottom right hand corner.

You will then see this font in your Active Fonts, ready to be used within your site!

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