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Set up a Showit contact form and troubleshoot contact form issues

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Contact Form Basics

All Showit templates come with a pre-made contact form that you can customize however you like.

Note: these instructions are specific to the contact form option in the Showit app. If you wish to add a contact form from a third-party service, learn how here.

⚠️ The intention of Showit's in-app contact forms are for basic communications. They are not meant for large-scale communications (If you were to, say, run a contest that will garner a high number of contact form submissions per day [50+])

If you need a form for these purposes, a dedicated third-party form is best suited. There are free options or many great paid solutions as well!

Generally, a contact form in Showit will consist of a single canvas that uses two different canvas views. The first canvas view will have the input fields made up of text boxes and the second canvas view will have a confirmation or “thank you” message.

The “submit” or "send" button is set up to submit the information that has been entered and proceed to the next canvas view, displaying the “thank you” message.

Contact Form Settings

Form Input:

Checking this box will turn a standard text box into a box where you can input text.


Checking this box will make it so the user cannot submit the form until they fill out this field.

In Subject:

Checking this box will make it so that whatever is typed into this text box will additionally be added into the subject of the e-mail you receive. This is a great option to help organize or filter your incoming emails.

Reply To:

Because the emails come from your Showit Site and not directly from the user, you will need to check this box for the text field that you will have the user type their email into. This will make it so that when you hit the “reply” button on the email you receive from a user, it will be sent to whatever email address is entered into this text field.


Whatever you enter into this text box will show up in the emails you receive before the text that the user has inputted. This is a good way to organize your incoming forms and make them easier to read. For instance, if the text field is for the user's name, it would be a good idea to label the box “Name” so that when you receive the email it will say “Name: John Smith” instead of just “John Smith”.

⚠️ Warning: Never use contact forms to gather sensitive information like credit cards. Showit contact forms are not considered a secure form.

Text Notifications

With Showit contact forms, you can have every contact form submitted on your site sent to you via SMS text messages (in addition to the emails.)

For more information on how to get set up SMS messages for your Showit contact forms, check out this article here.

Contact Form Trouble?

Below are a few common issues we’ve seen come up with contact forms. If you are having issues other than these, check out our Contact Form Troubleshooting article.

Nothing Happens When I Click the Submit Button

Generally, a broken submit button is caused by a problem with the click action settings. If your contact form is set up using the standard two canvas views (as seen above,) select the Submit button inside of your contact form and ensure that these settings are applied.

  1. Link should be set set to Canvas

  2. Canvas should be set to This Canvas

  3. Canvas View should be set to Next (Your Contact Form and your Thank You message should be 2 separate canvas views within the same canvas)

  4. The Submit Contact Form box should be checked

I am Not Receiving Any Messages From My Form

There are a few different things that could be happening if you are not receiving your contact form messages to your email or text messages.

  1. You are Unsubscribed from our mailing list: Generally this happens by accident by clicking the bottom link of an email from us. To correct the issue, find an old email from Showit and click the Unsubscribe link to change your subscription preferences.

  2. The SPAM monster: Some email service providers accidentally see our contact form messages as spam because they come from To fix this issue, you can whitelist the Showit email by adding to your web based address book in addition to your desktop based address book to avoid having these messages filtered to into your spam box.

  3. The “Submit Contact Form” box isn’t checked: Select your Submit”button inside of your contact form in the Design App and ensure on the right hand properties panel under the Click Actions tab that the Submit Contact Form box is checked.

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