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Learn how to add interactivity to your site using Canvas Views.

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Canvas Views allow you to layer information within a canvas on your site, building a more interactive experience for your users.

What is a Canvas View?

Canvas views are similar to a slideshow, where each slide has unique content all in the same presentation. With canvas views each view has the ability to contain unique content and all are displayed on the same canvas. Note: All canvas views will be the size of the parent canvas itself. You cannot create canvas views of varying lengths.

Add a Canvas View

To add a Canvas View to your site select the canvas you want to add it to and clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the name of the canvas select Add Canvas View from the window. This will add a single Canvas View to your canvas. You can add multiple Canvas Views by either repeating the Add Canvas View step or duplicating an existing Canvas View.

Using Canvas Views

Any object placed within a Canvas View will only be visible when that Canvas View is live. By default Canvas View 1 will appear first and without requiring any action by the user.

If you want to allow users to toggle/click through Canvas Views on their own you can add arrows utilizing the Icon feature and set the arrows to Next and Previous in order to control the speed at which the user sees the Canvas Views.

Alternatively, Canvas Views can be set to automatically rotate/change at the speed at which you set the transition time.

Note: All canvas views will be the size of the parent canvas itself. You cannot create canvas views of varying lengths.

Canvas View Transitions

Canvas Views have the ability to transition into and out of your site in a variety of ways. You can set each Canvas View to have its own transition or you can set each Canvas View to transition using the canvas default.

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To set the canvas default transition for Canvas Views click on the VIEW TRANSITIONS section inside of the Properties Panel on the right side of your screen. Here you can adjust the default Canvas View In and Canvas View Out settings by selecting the type of transition from the Type drop down menu as well as setting the time it takes for the transition to occur, if the transition should be delayed and what direction (if any) the transition should happen in.

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