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Add galleries to your site to display your portfolios

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Add a Gallery

To add a gallery to a canvas on your site select the canvas where you want your new gallery to appear and then hover over the square icon at the bottom center of the designer and choose Gallery.

Resize Your Gallery

Your new gallery can be resized by grabbing any corner of the gallery and dragging it smaller or larger.

Manage Images

A black box will be placed on the canvas and in the right side panel under the Gallery Images section you’ll be able to add your images from your Media Gallery.

Sync or Split Your Gallery Settings

You can sync or split your gallery's settings on your mobile and desktop layouts so that you can edit them independently, or simultaneously. You can find out more about using this setting in this article here:

Change Gallery Type

Under the Gallery Settings tab in the right side Properties Panel, you can choose which Gallery Type you would like to use.

You can find more information on gallery types in this article here.

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