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Adding Classic Block to WordPress Gutenberg
Adding Classic Block to WordPress Gutenberg

Add a classic block to the WordPress Gutenberg editor

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Adding the Classic Block will simulate the old editor for that piece of your blog post.

Add a Classic Block

First, you'll edit the post that you're wanting to add the classic block to in WordPress. Once there, select the Add Block button and choose Classic.

Note: If the Classic block is not there, choose the "Browse all" option and scroll down the list to find it.

After adding that, you should see your new Classic block.

From there, can choose from the classic block options, including creating a classic gallery by by choosing the Add Media option to pull up your media library.

Now that you're in your media library, you can select the images you're wanting to add to the gallery. 

From there, you can edit the different settings for your gallery, such as the image size, gallery type, number of columns, and more.

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