Common solutions for troubleshooting BlogStomp errors

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⚠️ Important Update ⚠️

The BlogStomp software publishes content through the use of XML-RPC. This method is dated and poses a number of security concerns with WordPress sites. New Showit accounts have XML-RPC disabled.

BlogsStomp is no longer available to purchase but the company created a new blogging app called Storytailor. This new software offers alternative publishing options that are not dependent on XML-RPC. If you are interested in using BlogStomp for your Showit site, we would encourage you to instead check out Storytailor.

BlogStomp is a third-party alternative to creating blog posts directly inside your WordPress site. We do not officially support third-party software but we understand the desire to use these tools. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you see issues while using BlogStomp.

Verify You Have the Correct Site URL

Common issues generally revolve around an incorrect URL address. We will use the website  for clarity.

  1. The Blog URL is "http://" or "https://' sensitive so make sure you have the correct HTTP protocol added. Incorrect usage will result in an error from Blogstomp when trying to connect. A quick tip is to copy/paste your URL from your live site.

  2. Ensure you do not have any URL extensions such as

  3. If your site does not canonically use "www", do not use "www" in the site address.  

Verify You Have the Correct WordPress Login Credentials

If you have any questions regarding your login credentials, contact Showit Support for assistance in recovering them. 

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are able to verify the connection in BlogStomp but unable to publish posts successfully, try the following recommendations:

  1. Publish posts during non-peak website traffic times (7pm PST- 5am PST)

  2. Publishing fewer images inside blog posts

  3. Use smaller image sizes inside blog posts

Will BlogStomp Work for Everyone?

The variation for success using BlogStomp depends entirely on its use by you as well the given server load for our hosting servers at any given time. BlogStomp works by creating "POST" requests that get sent through WordPress's XML-RPC API. The XML-RPC API dates back to early WordPress days and is now an older and less secure option for publishing blog posts to WordPress. Two major factors that can determine the success of posting with BlogStomp are typically based on the number of images in your post and the current server demand at any given time.

If you have a blog post with 100 images, each image will make its own "POST" request to the server. BlogStomp sends all these requests at the same time which can result in 100 requests for a specific resource on the server in a very short period of time. If these requests happen to hit the server during peak traffic times, the server will be unable to process them and return an error back to BlogStomp.

The majority of server resources are dedicated to delivering current content to users who visit your website. This can mean excessive "POST" requests may not be able to be processed at any given time if the server is unable to allocate resources, or if BlogStomp is attempting to send too many "POST" requests due to images in a very short period of time. We suggest trying again later or reducing the number of images in your post.


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