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Smush is fantastic for your blog post images. It optimizes them for the web and makes your blog posts load faster and run better. This is a big deal. When you add an image inside of Showit our technology automatically optimizes your images. Not so with Wordpress. This means either you need to plan your image sizes and settings carefully or add this plugin. Many people like to use this easy and effective plugin to make things simple.

Adding Smush

For the Basic Starter Blog subscription Smush is already included in your preloaded plugins and active.

For Advanced Blog users, go to Add Plugin, search for Smush, add it and click to activate.

Activation Setup

Note: Only Advanced Blog users can manipulate the settings as they are preset for the Basic Starter Blog.

When activated, Smush will have a quick setup process.

It's usually best to go with the defaults. 

What Smush Does

Much of the work is already done with those basic settings. You can even run any images you have through, up to 50 at a time. This changes not just the size but also removes any unnecessary code that may be on your images.

If you'd like information on what additional things Smush click here

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