Are Ad Services Compatible?

Using ad services like MediaVine or Raptive with your Showit site

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WARNING: Sidebar ads will not always display properly due to our website responsive scaling not being compatible with ad system requirements. This may impact your ad income potential. Showit is not responsible for any change in your ad revenue when using our platform.

We're still in the testing process with MediaVine and Raptive and do not yet have a clear answer on this.

MediaVine and Raptive Ads on Showit Sites

  • Static Showit pages will not display ads because they are not connected to WordPress, only blog pages will display ads. Consider a WordPress homepage setup.

  • Most ads (bottom of page & in-post ads) will display without issue

  • Sidebar ads appear to be inconsistent even following our steps below

  • Inconsistent loading of sidebar ads may affect your ad revenue since you may not be maximizing the available ad space.

  • ACTION REQUIRED: The user must contact their ad network after activating their Showit site design so that their ad provider can properly target blog content for in-content ads to display.

Example Sites

Ad Placement Requirements

  • The sidebar placeholder needs to be a minimum of 300px wide.

  • The break point for the site needs to be no greater than 1023px and no lower than 768px. (*the point at which the sidebar falls below the content, according to MediaVine)

  • On mobile devices, the post content placeholder needs to be a minimum of 300px wide.

MediaVine Sidebar Setup

The sidebar must be designed to use a Sidebar placeholder and elements added via Widgets in WordPress instead of directly in the Showit design, in order for the ads to inject automatically.

⚠️ Our Showit website resizing engine may cause sidebar ads not to display if the site is scaled down and the sidebar is smaller than the minimum size required by the ads service.

1) Add Sidebar 1 placeholder to your site design in Showit

2) In WordPress go to Appearance > Widgets

3) Add Custom HTML widget to first Sidebar and add the following code:

<!-- First MediaVine Ad target -->

<div id="sidebar_atf_target"></div>

4) Add any additional widgets from Wordpress you want to appear in the sidebar.
5) Add another Custom HTML widget to bottom of Sidebar with the following code:

<!-- Bottom MediaVine Ad target -->

<div id="sidebar_btf_target"></div>

6) Once this Sidebar is live on your published site: Notify MediaVine of those 2 pieces of code that were added to your design in order for them to target and make the sidebar ads live.

Known Issues

  • The second Ad in the sidebar will not remain sticky as MediaVine prefers. This may affect visibility of additional ads loading during the viewing period of a post and could affect potential income. (no workaround has been found at this time)

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