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Questions often asked by website designers new to Showit

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Is there a designer/developer specific account or workspace?

  • No, all accounts are the same.
    We do tag accounts used by designers to help give context to our support team and provide you with some additional information about using Showit as a designer. Feel free to message our team in the app to let us know you'll be using Showit as a web designer so we can tag you account appropriately.

Do I need to subscribe as a designer?

  • We do require a subscription to use our software beyond the free trial period. As a designer you can either design directly in your client's account or have your own account.

  • Which subscription do I need? At a minimum our starting Showit subscription would be necessary to create and distribute design from your own account. The blog subscription levels would only be necessary if you plan to host your own website with a blog under your account.

  • We suggest your own account if you plan to develop sites consistently on Showit (or for your own website) because you'll be able to create multiple designs under your account and share the final design to your client's account prior to launch.

  • A subscription is required in order to create and distribute template designs.

Is there a limit to the number of designs I can create?

  • No, you can create an unlimited number of designs under your account. But your clients will need to maintain their own account and you'll have to transfer the design in order to assign their domain to it.

Can I gain access to a client account?

  • At this time only one account owner can access an account. Your client would need to share their login details for you to access their account. We are exploring options for enabling another user to access an account.

Can I create and sell Showit designs on my own website?

  • Yes, you can generate a share key for any design in your account and distribute that share key on your own store.  The share key would be the same for anybody purchasing the design from you. No, we do not generate one-time use share keys. 

  • Be sure to start all of your projects (custom or template designs) from a qualified Designer Starter Template.

Can I create template designs for industries other than photography?

  • You bet! We only place industry specific limitations on the designs that Design Partners submit to our Showit Design Market. Designs for other industry types can be sold directly through your own website without limitation.

What are Showit Design Partners?

  • Showit Design Partners are experienced website designers who consistently create beautiful site designs using Showit, follow our design standards, and provide a great client experience. You'll find them listed on our website.

How do I sell designs on the Showit Design Market?

  • Our Showit Design Market is only open to current Showit Design Partners to submit designs.  Read more about selling on our Design Market.

  • There are no restrictions on selling designs through your own website if you don't yet qualify to submit to our Showit Design Market.

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