What is a Slug and Where Do I Find It?

Find the slug for the page or canvas you're trying to link to

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A slug is a referent within a URL to a specific place within your site. Showit uses page slugs and canvas slugs to create custom URL links or to link to a specified area of your site. Here is how you find those slugs needed to set up those links.

Slug Format

Slugs essentially share the same format as the page name and the canvas name respectively, however there are some important differences. Any spaces within a slug are replaced with dashes and any other special characters that might be in your page or canvas slug will be removed.

To ensure that you are not using the wrong slug when creating a URL link, it's a good idea to double check where it is listed within the Design App.

Page Slug

To find your page slug, click on the page name for the page that you want to find the slug for in the left side Site Panel.

With the page selected, your page slug can be found in then right side Properties Panel under the Page Info tab.

Canvas Slug

The process is almost exactly the same for a canvas slug. In the left side Site Panel, click on the name of the canvas that you want to find the slug for. Then, in the right side Properties Panel, you will find the canvas slug under the Canvas tab.

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