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How Do I Create a FAQ Page?
How Do I Create a FAQ Page?

Create a frequently asked questions page for your Showit site

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To create a FAQ page, you will first need to make a canvas that has two canvas views, and we will name it "FAQ 1". In that canvas, you will write your first question and then add an icon indicating that you can open it to see the answer (I used a down arrow).

You can duplicate that canvas view to create the second canvas view and the only thing you will need to change is the arrow (I made mine going up to show you can close the answer canvas).

Now you will create a new canvas that we will name "Answer 1". That will simply just have the answer to your first question. Make sure to set that canvas to "Hidden to Start" so that you can't see it right away.

The click actions for the down arrow on the "FAQ 1" Canvas View 1 will be Canvas > This Canvas > View 2. Then make sure you set it to Show Canvas > Answer 1.

And the click action for the up arrow in the "FAQ 1" Canvas View 2 will be Canvas > This Canvas > View 1. Then make sure you set it to Hide Canvas > Answer 1.

You will repeat those actions for however many questions you want on your FAQ page to have! Enjoy!

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