Creating Custom URL Links

Learn to create URL links that will take a user directly to a specific section (page, canvas, canvas view) of your site.

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Rather than sending someone just to your domain, you might need to send out a link that goes directly to a specific place on your site. An example of this maybe if you are wanting to track the submission of a lead capture or some other type of contact form. 

The structure that Showit uses for the URLs is:

In the front of your link will be your domain:

followed by the name of the page you are referencing (page-slug):

followed by the specific canvas (canvas-slug):

followed by the canvas view number:

Keep in mind that the canvas view number starts at .0, so if you are wanting the user to go to the Second View of your canvas you would use #canvas.1

For additional information on how to find the Page Slugs, Canvas Slugs, and Canvas View Numbers of your design: 

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