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Best practices for testing your site to make sure it is ready to launch

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Before you launch your site it's important to run it through some testing. Here is what we suggest as a best practice to run through all the nooks and crannies of your site to ensure the best possible user experience.

Test Your Site - Desktop & Mobile

Use the browser preview link to test your mobile and desktop site. To do this, click Preview in the top right corner of the Showit Design App.

Then click the blue link in the top left corner of the preview window to pop the preview out to a new browser tab. 

From there, you can copy that URL and email it to friends and family, or post it in the Showit User Group on Facebook to get feedback. You can also send this link to yourself on your mobile device to test the mobile site. 

For a thorough site test, make sure you:

  • Click every link in the site to ensure it functions properly 

  • Submit a test inquiry on your contact form and ensure it comes to your email 

  • Test your social media links to ensure they are directed to your social pages

Everything looking good? If you've tested everything and feel confident you're ready to launch, let's do it!

If you still have questions or any concerns, contact our Support Pros who are ready to help you get your beautiful new site launched for the world to see.

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