Contact Form Troubleshooting

Common issues and solutions for troubleshooting contact form when it's not working.

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These instructions pertain to Showit's in-app contact forms only

⚠️ Be advised – The intention of Showit's in-app contact forms are for basic communications. They are not meant for large-scale communications like if you run a contest that will garner a high number of contact form submissions per day (50+) if you need a form for these purposes, a dedicated third-party form is best suited, there are free options or many great paid solutions as well!

If you find that your in-app contact form isn't working it's usually due to one of these issues: 

  • Form Field Issue

  • Send Button Issue (most common)

  • Email Issue

Form Field Issue

Does your contact form not submit at all? Most likely it's a form field issue. When you click submit see if the cursor jumps back to a certain field. Generally the case is that there is more than one form field on one of your contact options. If two text boxes get put on top of one another and both are required to submit the form only the field on top would get filled and thus would prevent the form from submitting. 

Go through your contact form and make sure that each field the client fills out only has one text box and that there isn't a duplicate text box on any of those fields. If there isn't an extra text box it could be an issue with the send button. 

Send Button Issue

The most common issue with a contact form is the send button. The click action on the send button should look like this:

You can set the click action on the send button to go wherever you'd like, but be sure the "submit contact form" check box is checked. This is the most common mistake on a broken contact form and unfortunately if this box isn't checked no inquiries will come through even to our backup contact inquiry storage area. This setting is the cornerstone of the inquiry getting to your email so always be sure it's checked. 

Email Issue

If you aren't getting contact form inquiries to your email and have ruled out the two above options as the issue, it could be on your email providers end. If you just recently changed domains or made any changes around that email hosting there is always a slight change something could go askew. If this is the case and your email is down for some reason but your form is properly setup on your Showit site you can access our backup storage area. 

To do so simply click your name in the bottom left corner of Showit and choose "view user profile" you will be popped out to a screen where you can see your stored contact form inquiry backups, like so: 

Just to reiterate, these backups will be stored here so long as the form is setup correctly. If the submit contact form box isn't checked the form can still give the appearance it has submitted as it will transition to the "thank you" canvas like the click action is set to do. The submit contact form box must be checked in order for contact inquiries to submit to both your personal email inbox and this Showit inquiry backup area. 

Cursor Not Showing Safari Desktop Issue

Fix: One of your text input Labels under Text Properties is too long. Keep those short for quick reference in your contact emails.

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