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Data Storage and Backup Policy
Data Storage and Backup Policy

How Showit backs up your data

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Our Platform

Our software uses Amazon's S3 storage platform for a secure & redundant system.  As Amazon's website states; "It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and stores data for millions of applications used by market leaders in every industry" to help ensure that your files are always secure from a server failure. See below for blog hosting backups.

Your Designs

While Designing

While you work inside of the Showit Design App we take automatic snapshots every 10 minutes as we detect changes. These snapshots are saved for 7 days. Our team can be contacted if for any reason you need to revert to one of those automatic saves.

Note: Site snapshots do not include media files. See below for media storage.

Published Designs

We save a new snapshot every time you Publish in Showit. Older publishes are also stored for backup purposes.

Your Media/Images in Showit

All files uploaded to the Showit Media Library are stored across Amazon's S3 network which includes automatic redundancy in case a server fails.

Your Blog

Our blog platform is powered by WP Engine, a leading WordPress host management company that powers many of the top WordPress powered sites online.  
Your blog posts, pages, and media are all automatically backed up every day and stored for 30 days. All backups are stored on a different server. If you experience any trouble on your blog, contact our Support Team.

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