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How Showit manages the WordPress hosting of your site

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Showit integrates very closely with WordPress, the most popular content management system on the planet. To managing hosting for this platform, we have chosen to partner with the number one platform in the industry, WPEngine. WPEngine manages security, updates and server operations for running an efficient WordPress site.

A Basic Starter blog

is hosted through a WordPress "multi-site" which means that  plugin updates happen automatically and only the available shared and installed plugins may be activated. This tier is limited to 20 GB of web storage and 10k visits per month. A site that exceeds this amount of traffic would need to upgrade to the advanced tier.

An Advanced blog

has its own WordPress instance that can install custom plugins and have FTP access. The advanced blog is limited to 20GB of storage and 25k site visits per month.

High Traffic blogs

A site that exceeds 25k visits per month in traffic would need to upgrade to a Showit high traffic plan which can support up to 100k visits per month.

Users who exceed 100k visits per month can contact our support team for additional details. We offer specialized private blog hosting setups through two partner companies (WP Engine and BigScoots) for users with extremely larger visits per month.

*Due to the variability of WordPress hosts and the nature of the Showit and WordPress integration, Showit is not supported on other WordPress hosting platforms.

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