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Create a WordPress Homepage

Get live blog content on your site's home page

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Only WordPress templates will be able to display live post content from your blog. If you'd like to have a Featured Posts or Recent Posts section on the homepage of your website, you can do so by creating a WordPress Homepage template.

Set Up Your WordPress Homepage

When you are setting up your WordPress homepage there are a few important settings that will ensure that your page is able to populate with your blog content.

Convert Your Current Home Page to a Blog Template

Click on the three dots to the right of the name of your current home page and choose to Copy to Blog Template. A copy of this page will now appear under your a Blog Templates.

Select this new Blog Template page and navigate to the right side Properties Panel. Under the Template Info tab, rename this new page as Homepage and set the WordPress Template setting as Front Page.

Setup a Featured/Recent Posts Section

The posts section will need to be setup as a Featured Post section. See Create a Featured/Recent Posts Section for more information on how to do this.

Once these changes have been made, be sure to Publish from within the Showit Design App!

Create a Homepage in WordPress

Within your WordPress Admin create a new page and name it exactly the same as your new Blog Template Homepage in Showit.

Make sure this page is published from within WordPress as well!

Note: This WordPress page must be named exactly the same as the Blog Template in the Showit Design App.

Update Settings Within WordPress

In your WordPress admin, go to Settings > Showit and check the box for the Home Page setting that says Load the WordPress home page instead of Showit home page.

After that has been set, choose to Save Changes.

Next, navigate to Settings > Reading. Make the following adjustments:

  • Your homepage displays a static page.

  • Select Homepage (Your new WordPress Homepage) as the Homepage in the drop down menu.

Once that has been done, choose to Save Changes.

Test and Adjust

Check your new homepage on your live site and make any necessary adjustments in the Showit Design App, republishing if any changes are made.

If you're part of our Showit User Group on Facebook, check out this video on creating a WordPress homepage done by Jeff from our team. If you aren't a member yet, join our community of Showiteers on FB today!

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