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How Blogging Works With Showit
How Blogging Works With Showit

An overview of how Showit & WordPress work together for blogging

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Showit works in tandem with WordPress to provide you with a customizable and intuitive blogging experience! Read more here!

How to Log in to Your Showit Blog

To login to your Showit blog, go to your domain in a browser then add /wp-admin after so it would look like this:

This will bring you to a Showit-branded login page where you will log in to your Showit-connected blog.

High-Level Overview of Showit + WordPress

If you're not quite sure how exactly Showit + WordPress work together, you've come to the right place. For a high-level overview of the relationship between Showit + WordPress - watch the video below. 

How Showit & WordPress Work Together

Now that you understand how Showit & WordPress work together, watch the video below to get a look at the interface you'll use to blog with Showit. This will help you better understand how to make the most of your WordPress theme which you can design right inside of Showit. 

Feeling stuck? Reach out to Showit Support!

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