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Refer a Friend - Referral Program
Refer a Friend - Referral Program

Join Showit's referral program by referring a friend, and earn subscription credits and affiliate credits in return

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If you refer a friend to Showit, it will give them their first month of Showit for free! As you refer your friends to Showit, you will earn subscription credits and the ability to earn affiliate credits as well.

Showit's Referral Program

Join our referral program to start earning free months of Showit by referring your friends. Each new Showit user you refer will get their first month free, and you’ll earn a free month after their first payment. If your subscription credit balance is 12 months or over, you’ll instead earn affiliate credit ($$) for your referral (as with anything, some terms apply).

Not Sure What to Share With Your Friends?

If you're still in awe of the amazing website you built and can't find the right words to explain Showit to your friends; here are a few reasons we love Showit...

  • Complete creative control over how your website looks

  • A true drag and drop interface... no code required (think Photoshop/Illustrator)

  • Beautiful professionally designed templates to start your design

  • Powerful integration with WordPress and a FREE blog migration*

  • An amazing team of Showit Support Pros available to help assist

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Referral Program?

Any Showit users with an active paid subscription can join

Can I customize my link/code?

Yes, when you join the program a referral link/code will automatically be generated, but you can customize it. *If a code is changed, the old link/code will no longer be tied to your account.

When do I earn the free month?

You’ll earn a free month of subscription credit once a referral has made their first payment (After their initial free month ends).

Does it matter what plan we’re on?

No, we apply referral credits to your account based upon your current monthly plan rate or a pro-rated month of an annual plan. Those credits will automatically apply at your next renewal date.

How many free months can I earn?

Unlimited! We do not place a limit on the number of credits that can be earned. However, if you have 12 active subscription credits in your account, you'll instead receive affiliate credit. If you have less than 12 subscription credits in your account, you will continue to earn subscription credits. *Subscription Credits are non-transferrable and non-redeemable for anything other than subscription fees.

How does a Subscription Credit differ from an Affiliate Credit?

Subscription Credit is automatically applied to your subscription fees (taxes may be excluded).

Affiliate Credit is applied to your account and can be redeemed for cash.

In all cases the recipient of your referral will receive their first month free.

How can I earn an Affiliate Credit?

You will automatically earn Affiliate Credit if you already have a balance of 12 or more months Subscription Credits.

Where can we track our referrals?

You can log in to view the status of a referral under the Referrals section at

Can a referral enter my code if they didn't create their account with it?

Referrals will have the ability during the subscribing process (see below) to enter your referral code. Once someone has subscribed, they no longer have the ability to enter your referral code.

How do the Free Trial and Free Month differ for a referral?

During the 14 day free trial, a credit card is not required and you can only preview a website. During the referral free month, a credit card is required and you can publish and connect your custom domain name.

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