Adjusting Canvas Height

Change the height/length of your mobile and desktop canvases

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Adjusting your canvas height is a feature in Showit that allows you to optimize the overall length of mobile or desktop canvases according to the content included.

Adjusting Canvas Height

You have the option to either input a specific pixel height or manually adjust a canvas height by adjusting the canvas height icon located to the immediate left of the canvas window.

For this example, we are going to expand the About canvas on the Alive & Free template to show the extra text I have decided to include in my website. As you can see the text box and content clearly expands below the lower edge of the canvas on both mobile and desktop:

Adjust Pixel Height

If you select your canvas and navigate to the Canvas tab in the right side Properties Panel, you should see a tab for both Mobile and Desktop designs. Below that, you can find a settings that will allow you to set the canvas height to a predetermined height specific to the platform you may want to adjust.

Manually Resize the Canvas

The other option to adjust the height of your canvas is to locate the window icon in the left side of your design window and click + hold + drag up or down to resize.

Minimum Canvas Height

If your canvas type is set to Window Height, you may see an option to set Minimum Height in place of the Initial Height setting. This will set a minimum height for your canvas, regardless of the display size of your device.

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