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Design Partner Application Review
Design Partner Application Review

Details about how we review applicants

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Our Design Partners are amazingly talented designers who stand out above the crowd with their amazingly creative design skills and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a great customer experience.

Here is a brief overview of our process for reviewing Design Partner applicants.


Our review process typically takes 4-6 months to complete.

Customer Experience Review

We connect with past clients to hear feedback about the execution of their design, communication, and customer service. We ask for feedback similar to this:

  • Are you pleased with your website design completed by your designer?

  • Was the designer attentive throughout the design process to make sure your needs were met?

  • Was the designer good about communication through the contract period?

  • How likely are you to refer them to a friend? Why?

*We may contact clients beyond the ones listed in your application.

Design Review

Showit Design Partners are the best at what they do. All applicants will receive a thorough review of their design work to make sure they meet our high standards in these areas:

  • Creative Design - Looking for unique and creative designs showcasing the best of what Showit offers.

  • Functionality and User Experience - Designs have intuitive navigation with and direction for guiding the visitor through the site.

  • Optimization and Formatting - Designs are optimized for SEO (focus on text tag use) and for customer editing (layers organized and labeled).

  • Showit Expertise - Designs show that the designer is knowledgeable about features specific to our platform and how to incorporate them in a design (ie. canvas views, blog templates, contact forms)

During the Review Process

  • We'll message you asking for any newly completed projects to be submitted during your review period.

  • If we have any specific questions or concerns during our review process we'll reach out to get clarity.

At Completion

  • We'll notify you if you've been accepted as a Design Partner and your profile will be setup.

  • If not accepted, you'll receive some guidance for areas that you can improve and to consider applying again in the future.

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