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Back Up Your Blog Prior to Migration
Back Up Your Blog Prior to Migration

Back up your blog prior to moving it to Showit

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It's highly recommended that you perform an offsite backup (off of your current hosting) of your current WordPress blog prior to any change in servers/hosting. That way if for any reason something unexpected were to occur during the migration, you'll have a full backup of your blog files to reference.

Note: Once you've fully migrated over to Showit our servers will take daily backups of your blog (up to 30 days back).

Back Up Offsite With Updraft Plus

We suggest using the Updraft Plus WordPress plugin to back up your blog to an offsite storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

1. Determine Storage Requirements

Some photographer blogs store a LOT of photographs and those can surprisingly add up to a large amount of storage space. Before you perform a backup to an offsite provider, you'll want to make sure that you have enough storage to handle a full backup.

  1. Install the My Simple Space plugin on your WordPress blog and activate it.

  2. Go to your Dashboard and find the My Simple Space box with details about your blog.

  3. "Entire Site" will list the amount of storage you will need available on your offsite provider.

  4. Proceed with the backup if you have enough storage, or upgrade your storage on your provider prior to backup.


Be sure to press Backup Now after connecting it to Dropbox to perform the backup.

2. Updraft Plus Backup to Google Drive (Advanced)

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